Friday, May 11, 2007

e load Energy Gel

Spring, and the launch of our new gel...

Taking advantage of the latest information on why gels are so irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, this gel is about as irritating as baby food...

The reasons why most gels are so irritating are:

1. Too sweet, too flavorful
2. Too thick

Both of these reasons affect the psychology of eating gels i.e. your head starts to object, so your gi tract soon follows. e load gel is subtle on sweetness and flavor.

3. Too acidic

All gels on market that we know of are very acidic. This is because their manufactureres put preservatives in them, and preservatives only work in acidic enviroments. So, most gels have pH's around 4-5.

Turns out your stomach is a very acidic enviroment during exercise, due to all that stress your body experiences during exercising times. So, the less acidic your sport nutrition products, the better.

e load energy gel uses no preservatives-we figured out a way to keep the product sterile and safe, without using them. So, it doesn't have to be acidic at all. Our pH level is around 7, meaning it has no acidity whatsoever, like water.

4. No resistant starch

This is an interesting topic. Turns out that maltodextrin, the common carbohydrate used in every gel we are aware of, if derived from dent corn, the most common type of corn grown on the planet, may contain undigestable chains of carbohydrate called resistant carbohydrate or resistant starch. Ultimately, these chains come from amylose, one of two plant based starches found in dent corn (the other starch is amylopectin). Waxy maize corn, another corn varietal, contains only amylopectin, and no amylose, so using this corn as your base is a better choice for producing easily digestable maltodextrin. e load energy gel uses maltodextrin derived from waxy maize corn.

5. No fructose

The carbohydrate fructose continues to be a common, cheap sweetener used in many sport nutrition products, and is derived from fruit sugar. It is also a known gastrointestinal irritant. Most gels contain this carbohydrate. e load energy gel does not.

6. Dextrose

Dextrose is a great carbohydrate for adding to a gel, because it adds a pleasant, subtle sweetness to the product (less so on a gram for gram basis vs fructose), plus, it facilitates the absorption of sodium-good in the heat.

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